Race Day! 20th Oct 2018

The Track

After previous race meets around the same area, Race 3 saw two different race lines. A short track for the advanced riders, and an extended track for the forgetful riders. i.e those of us who forget how much it hurts and those who forget where to go. The short loop went from Phil’s shed in the Light Industrial Area, up around What Flow, back along Phil’s Fun Park, with a mad sprint for the line (…and bragging rights). The extended trail left the same area with a technical play on What Flow, crossing over Murat Rd for the twist and turns of Spin Fx, before the ever lasting, all demoralizing Heart Starter hill. Once at the top, and a suspicion that your heart wasn’t about to explode, the Time Trial Downhill was a welcome relief whereby adrenaline could kick in instead of fitness. A quick cut through the Shortcut and it was back on to Phil’s Fun Park for some fun on the turns, seesaw, and the many features crowded into a fun little trail. Then it was homeward bound, hoping the wind was at our backs.

The Race

The riders got out to a quick start, vying for a good position before entering What Flow. On the short course, Gemma Davies out muscled her dad, spinning up dirt in his face so he couldn’t see, and with unconfirmed reports that she edged him off the track into the spinafex to take the win with 3 seconds to spare. Looks like the Davies clan has another competitive rider waiting in the wings. On the long course, the Davies boys, Dan and Bo completed the Davies domination, taking the 1-2. Early on, Daz was up to his old tricks, sitting behind Bo, trying to draft him. Unfortunately for Daz, Bo sits a lot lower than the adults and his usual tactics were thwarted. In the end it was Daz who was creating the draft for Bo until disaster struck with a mountain of a jump unsaddling Daz and spilling his phone across the other side of the Gulf. This saw Daz drop back a few of places and Mark and myself absolutely fly past him. Unfortunately for Mark, a wild chain that couldn’t be tamed by his front chainring put him out of the running for 1st place, even if Dan was over a kilometre in front of us. Shaz hung with Waz, enabling the course markers not to fly by too fast so they would not get lost, but it was a gentlemanly Waz who allowed Shaz to come through the finish line in front of him after she let her coiled springs slow down to so he could keep up.

The Wrap Up

In the end, Gemma Davies won the short course with a time of 0.45.13. Older brother Dan won the extended course with 0.52.16 and Bo coming in second with 0.59.21. The rest of us came in with coronaries!

A big thank you to Tango for all his work and bbq expertise, and Phil for the use of his shed.

Stayed tuned in the next few weeks as we announce the next race meet. The hills keep calling out “gravity enduro”, so strap on your knee pads for the downhills and be prepared for a laugh and a yarn on the uphills. See you next time

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