Bullara Weekend

We had 16 riders for the inaugural Bullara Stn Ride on Saturday morning. We left the Homestead at 8am, heading in an Easterly direction for about 1 km before came across the river. We followed the rivers edge, passing river gum trees as we rode our way upstream.
The further we rode up stream, the river widened out allowing us to find drop offs going into the river and crossing to the bank on the other side.
Further upstream we came across “moon landscaping “ with lots of potential for jumps, drop offs & some technical riding.
We then turned & headed back towards the Homestead, winding our way in & out of the river bed as we rode home.
A great ride was had by all, thanks to Tim & Edwina Shallcross @ Bullara Station.
We are looking forward to further rides @ Bullara in the future with Tim keen to encourage mountain biking.