Rider of the Week

Bo Davies


Bo Davies

How long have you been riding and what made you start?

I raced BMX from the age of 4 when I lived in back in Karratha, but since I have moved to Exmouth I have been riding mountain bikes for about 3 years. My dad was the one that got me into it because he bought a mountain bike and said it was fun so I thought I might give it a crack and I loved it! 😊

Your current bike/favorite bike?

I ride a trek remedy 7 and my dream bike would be a trek fuel ex 9.9

Favorite trail?

My favourite trail, that’s a tough one, it would have to be the Picket Line and the Northside Downhill

Favorite riding destination(outside of Exmouth)?

I love the camel farm in Perth it’s so fun!!

Riding style: flow or technical, fast or driving Miss Daisy?

I would say my riding style it flat out over the technical stuff.

Do you ride for Strava times or for fun?

I ride for fun and fitness but sometimes Geoff puts his Strava in my bag to see if I can beat my dad and brother or maybe get a KOM.

What or who pushes you to your limit?

The person that would push me the most would have to be my brother and some of the old fellas. (Don’t know who these “old Fellas” are, only young fellas in our club!)

If you had a spare million dollars, what would you like to see in Exmouth?

I would like to see some fast-big jump tracks with lots of wooden berms and drop offs, with a sky rail going up so you could just keep going up and down

Favourite bike part or piece of kit? 

Suspension because without it the ride would be a bit rough.