Rider of the Week

David “Tango” Tsangaris


Dave (Tango) Tsangaris

How long have you been riding and what made you start?

I have been riding for longer than most members have been alive for, (although my skill level doesn’t show it) on road bikes and mountain bikes. But riding the Exmouth trails for nearly 12 years. I started riding as a way of keeping fit. Now I ride because I love it and riding makes me feel like a young Yahoo again.

Your current bike/favourite bike?

I have 2 bikes at the moment(I have a unique ability to break bikes, so I always have a back up plan) a Vitus Sommet and a Nukeproof am. My all time favourite bike is the one my arse is on at that time.

Favourite trail?

I love riding and looking for new trails hopefully each one better than the last. So our latest scratch has me hanging for a fanging. The Mangas trail is looking great as a cross country trail but I love all the trails we have scratched our way through the hills to ride, they are all so different.

Favourite riding destination(outside of Exmouth)?

As my full off road Mt biking experience is limited to Exmouth and the Camel farm, then it has I be the Camel farm.

Riding style: flow or technical, fast or driving Miss Daisy?

My riding style is put the power down and hang on. Surviving is a bonus.

Do you ride for Strava times or for fun?

Yeah I must admit I don’t mind keeping my eye on strava, it’s a bit of a 50/50  with it though. I like keeping my eye on my times but I love seeing where and what  all of our other club members are up to.

What or who pushes you to your limit?

Although I don’t think I am technically skillful at it or enjoy it more than any other facet of riding, but downhill always takes me closer to meeting my maker.

If you had a spare million dollars, what would you like to see in Exmouth?

I don’t think a million would cover it, but a crazy arse looping trail around the canyons at Charles knife would be great. But hang on! We already have one! Happy days. Then I would put my mill on a muzz buzz at the top.

Favourite bike part or piece of kit?

Dropper post hands down.