Race Day! 20th Oct 2018

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After previous race meets around the same area, Race 3 saw two different race lines. A short track for the advanced riders, and an extended track for the forgetful riders. i.e those of us who forget how much it hurts and those who forget where to go. The short loop went from Phil’s shed in […]

Bullara Weekend


We had 16 riders for the inaugural Bullara Stn Ride on Saturday morning. We left the Homestead at 8am, heading in an Easterly direction for about 1 km before came across the river. We followed the rivers edge, passing river gum trees as we rode our way upstream. The further we rode up stream, the […]

Rider of the Week


Bo Davies Name? Bo Davies How long have you been riding and what made you start? I raced BMX from the age of 4 when I lived in back in Karratha, but since I have moved to Exmouth I have been riding mountain bikes for about 3 years. My dad was the one that got […]